Repair For Send To Mail Recipient

Send To Toys
It is an enhancement application of the Send To system menu.
Gabriele Ponti
Webmail Retriever
Allows you to send & receive mail through your webmail.
Mihov Mail Sender
Send the same e-mail to more people and let them think they are the only one!
Miha Psenica

Repair for Send to Mail Recipient

Advanced Direct Remailer
ADR is a powerful remailer that allows you to send personal mail.
Integrated Notification System (INS)
It is a highly configurable IVR (Interactive voice response) program.
MAW Consulting
1st Mail Sender
Maintain subscription-based mailing lists and send e-mail messages!
SoftFolder Inc
Utilize Gmail email account to send emails from almost any Windows application.
Chris Wood
Firetrust Encrypt
Send secure, encrypted files via e-mail to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
FireTrust Limited
Marketing Mail Master
Send newsletters and mass e-mails to your customers.
Mail Sender Express Pro
Program that allows you to send bulk emails.
Notification Mail
This program can send E-mail notification from a file without mail client.
KVT Software
Send SMS messages to one recipient or a group of recipients.
DGW Internet Solutions
OEB-Mail Recipient
Ontario Energy Board

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Repair for Send to Mail Recipient

Allows users to send electronic mail using familiar e-mail programs.
HAL Communications Corp.
Rebex Mail for .NET - Trial
Application that allows you to retrieve, create, load, save and send e-mail.
Bounce Detector
Small program that helps you find bounce/invalid email ID.
Valid Email Collector
MailChimp Addin
Allows you to design and send e-mail marketing campaigns from Outlook.
Myrasoft Easy Mail
Easily send group mail, newsletters and email campaigns.
Avid Send to Dalet Plugin for Avid Interplay Access
Avid Technology, Inc.
Email Screenshot Automatically Software
Take screenshots and send them to an email recipient quickly.